About Me

A Dr. habil. in humanities, a linguist and a didactic. I started my journey of consciousness in 2011. I am a consciousness coach, and I work using my own Journeys of Conciousness method.  

I graduated from the Two-Year Shamanic Training Program by Arvick Baghramian organized by TuiTeraz – Centre For Personal And Spiritual Development “Here And Now” in New Kawkowo; MA-URI Healing Arts programme in MA-URI Institute in New Zealand; Usui Reiki (Levels 1 and 2) training by Arvick Baghramian, basic RECALL HEALING (Levels 1, 2, 3) training and advanced topical courses from RECALL HEALING. 

My experience in neoshamanism, MA-URI Healing Arts, and Usui Reiki practice, are my key quality differentiators that define me as a consciousness healing tool and a guide through conciousness. Combining the creative perception of the essence of these practices and methods, with the scientific knowledge on cognitive sciences, total biology and quantum physics, I arrived to my own proprietary method of Journeys of Conciousness

The need to define came after one of the remote sessions with my friend’s son. During the session I noticed how fluid and interconnected the different techniques I employed were, coming from various healing systems. I couldn’t put to words what I was then experiencing nor the manner in which I was working. Then it dawned on me – name and taxonomy are just a set of representative variables for our mind – and the energy works through vibrations, combining them by the virtue not of their names but of their common frequency. In the supramental state of consciousness we seize to employ the mental categorisation, everlinked to tradition, culture, religion, etc., and we consider only the frequency of vibration, and hence naturally activate and mingle the techniques classified as “different” by our brain. 

Yet I still needed the keyword to open up the space for discovery, a description outlining the approaches and practices I embody. I still needed the space which would put me in the state of flow as a practitioner. And then it hit me – like a boomerang returning – consciousness. Something I also looked into in my research over years of academic career… at once I felt I had my key word, and my space for Journeys of Consciousness opened up… And now I invite you to join me here.