Your Way to Fulfillment  

Your Way to Fulfillment is an approach for those who wish to delve into the Journey of Consciousness practice and personally discover the worlds outside of Consensus Reality, discover and heal the root causes of energetic imbalance, weakened inner force, and obstructions and blockages of the life force flow. Your Way to Fulfillment is also for those who have a deep need to live in their flow state and feel fulfilled, and is connected to the need for personal growth, and opening and widening one’s consciousness. In the Your Way to Fulfillment approach I invite you to discover Personal Journeys of  Consciousness, sourced in neoshamanic practice.

Personal Journeys of Consciousness
Healing – Transformation – Growth

Suggested frequency: every two (at maximum, three) weeks
Typical duration of the session: 90 min,
Working method: in person, on a case by case basis

While exploring the worlds outside of consensus reality, you will:

  • receive guidance on your needs, wants, convictions, shortages, fears, and life’s mission and drive;
  • discover and heal the root causes of what is stopping you from reaching your full potential;
  • heal fears, emotional wounds, limiting conviction, and unfinished business from current, past, inherited and reincarnated lives;
  • heal your relationships with oneself and others;
  • partake in reclamation of lost parts of the energy body and full life force; 
  • enhance your life force energy;
  • discover and grow your inner wisdom;
  • work on reestablishing or strengthening your body-emotion-mind-spirit unity.

How do we start?
During the first meeting, I discuss your needs, expectations, as well as your perception of the Spirit, Soul, worlds outside of the Consensus Reality, healing and treatment, and the ways of healing energy. This is your introduction to our cooperation, where we agree on direction, general objectives, priorities, and next steps.

How does it work?
You are both the observer and the active participant of their own healing and growth processes. With the accompanying sounds of shamanic drums, you enter the worlds outside of Consensus Reality. Your body is comfortably laid on a mat, in a safe space, while your mind, led by the intention and journey’s goal, explores the spiritual worlds around you. The first journey is set to meet your guide, who will be with you on every subsequent journey you take. I will navigate, guide, and support you in this journey.

What happens during the session?
Your Way to Fulfillment has two interconnected stages. The objective of the first one is to discover and heal the codes, programmes and convictions that limit you, reclaim the power of life force energy and the parts of energy body previously lost. The second one is to grow your inner wisdom through connecting with your intuition and utilizing the guidance from the omnipresent Universal Consciousness. The conclusions and breakthroughs from each journey become a starting point for formulating the future intentions and objectives for the future journeys. This is how we develop a personal consciousness travel map.