Journeys of Consciousnessis a space for all who feel a deep need to live in their flow state, in their full power,  connected to their inner deep intuition and its outflowing wisdom. For all who want to enter relationships that provide them with the states of flow, fulfillment, and growth, who want to grow and deepen their self-consciousness as a multidimensional being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Those who have a need to care for their life force and strive for energetic balance and feel how the free flow of life (spiritual) energy is the cornerstone of mental wellbeing, internal empowerment, expression of one’s full potential, happiness, joy, wellbeing and our immunity and capable physical state.

Podróże świadomości

Journeys of Consciousness is also a space for those who feel that something is out of place in their life, that something is missing, something or someone is in a way of them being able to express their full potential, their positive emotions such as gratitude, love, and joy in their daily lives. It is a space for those who are overly critical of themselves, who are harsh, demanding, controlling, stuck in their action mode. A lot of these feelings can potentially come from emotional wounds – rejection, abandonment, injustice, humiliation, betrayal, resulting from difficult and traumatic experiences, and unfinished business in one’s life, family, or incarnations. Low vibration energy of these wounds weakens, distorts, and blocks life force, or even, like a black hole, consumes fragments of energy body.

In the Journeys of Consciousness space, I invite you to discover Balance – Energetic Healing, for those who feel the need for guidance and support in their journey of healing, empowerment, and transformation; and Your Way to Fulfillment for discoverers and explorers who feel ready to venture down the pathways of consciousness and worlds outside of our consensus reality to meet one’s Full Self.


I welcome you and invite you to join me,
Marzena Blachowska-Szmigiel
Consciousness Coach